Key West Parasailing

Key West Parasailing

Monday, December 13, 2010

61Stay Dry if U Choose, Key West Parasailng 305-9-3617

Key West Parasail Extends Warm Holiday Greetings to All Our Winter Visitors!
Parasail the beautiful winter skies of Key West and soar above the crystal blue waters of the island!
Happy Holidays to All with a Friendly Reminder!
Anyone can enjoy Parasailing and Stay Dry!

Even though the water temperature goes down a little, it does'nt matter.
Simply choose a dry take-off and landing. You do not get wet while Parasailing unless you want to! Do not worry.

Key West Parasailing. Soar above the blue waters of Key West and enjoy an amazing view of the southernmost city. Float on a warm breeze and experience a panoramic look at the island's sandy beaches, luxury resorts and the unique Key West landmarks. Parasailing, you have an opportunity to see the wild dolphins and manatees often spotted in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Definitely a must-do in Key West.

Enjoy one of the most exhilarating watersports on the island. The Key West Parasailing boat is a state-of-the-art boat specifically for parasailing.
Parasailing lifts the rider gently from the boat and lifts the rider up in the air. You ascend and descend directly from the parasail platform at the rear of the boat
As you gently lift off, you are cradled in a sitting harness that holds you safely and securely.
Your ride quickly becomes an exciting yet tranquil experience like no other.

Parasail the beautiful winter skies of Key West and soar above the crystal blue waters of the island!
Just a friendly reminder from our Parasail Captains! You CAN stay dry! Don't worry! NO ONE gets wet parasailing unless they want to.

Remember, the captain is more than happy to dip you in the refreshing water. But only if you ask!
if you love fun, fast and crazy - you've got it! If you enjoy mild and serene, you will love parasailing with Key West Parasailing.
305-619-3617 for reservations

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